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Personal Reflection: Get out and Play!

I love that the sun is out and that the trees are showing the first buds of spring. It is energizing.

April is also the month that I begin to live at the ball field on the evenings and weekends.Both of my girls play ball and they love it. Seeing them so excited about doing something they love reminds me that I need to integrate more fun into my everyday life. To get out and play….

I’m often so caught up in getting things crossed off my to-do list, that I forget to take a break and have fun.

So this month, I’m looking for ways to bring fun back into my everyday routine. I’ve created a video on what’s in my “play toolbox” in my office and I’m looking for new ways to bring laughter and fun back into my solo, entrepreneurial daily activities.

I tried an escape room the other night with some other moms. What a blast! While it forced me to step outside my comfort zone and meet a new group of ladies, I had a fantastic time. The great company, laughter, and food and beverages helped me to return home relaxed and with a renewed sense of the importance of having fun.

This month, I want to challenge everyone to take a close look at where and how they are integrating fun and laughter into their daily routines. Are you stopping to look at the funnies on Facebook for 10 minutes (set the timer!)?. Are you taking time to wind down with a mental mind break (colouring or a game of solitaire)?. Are you playing hooky and going to the beach to fly a kite and breathe in some fresh air? It’s important! We need to prioritize it more often.

Join me on April 6th for my Let’s Talk Online Conversation or April 17th for my Collective Wisdom Evening Retreat to delve into how you can bring more fun into your daily routine and spark some new energy. I can’t wait to see what ideas the other participants bring … I always learn something new.

Looking forward to chatting with you in the coming weeks.

Have a wonderful, fun-filled month!


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