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Conversational Intelligence

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Conversations matter! Yet, many of our discussions go sideways, and we are surprised when the outcomes we thought we would achieve are not what happens.  Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)  provides participants with tools and techniques that help them have better conversations.  C-IQ has the power to transform conversations, relationships, and organizations.  Want to build trust in your team? Help staff communicate more effectively? Transform interactions with clients, partners, or each other?  C-IQ tools and techniques can shift communication outcomes.

HIP weaves Conversational Intelligence into all projects and utilizes C-IQ to enhance their own relationships with clients and partners. HIP helps clients enhance their conversational skills by applying C-IQ practices through coaching, training, and workshops.  Our C-IQ services help clients to: 

  • Improve internal and external relationships by having different types of conversations.  

  • Gain confidence in their communication when providing feedback, addressing difficult conversations, or simply speaking with a co-worker about current priorities. 

  • Strengthen team dynamics with an easy-to-use framework that helps team members learn about each other, explore what open, honest communication can look like, and examine their own conversational triggers that derail effective communication.

  • Practice positive, intentional communication with others that build trust based relationships that ease navigating conflict.

  • Enhance Board Communication by opening up conversations, listening with intent, exploring perspectives with transformative questions, and providing space for diverse ideas.

  • Coach leadership on interpersonal interactions to build a person-centred learning culture that engages staff, building capacity, and strengthens organizational resiliency.

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HIP Partners

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Angie McLeod of HIP Strategic Consulting knows that while her business demands that she have a wide variety of skill sets, she doesn't have to do it all!  So, she strategically partners with other entrepreneurs to fill the expertise gaps, access a variety of perspectives, and expand brain power, with an eye to innovative business growth.


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