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Pivoting with Positive Results

Like most small businesses, HIP Strategic Consulting has had to pivot during COVID-19. Thankfully, the pivot I chose to follow was one that I’d been considering for years, but had not really taken seriously. Suddenly, the time was upon me. I went back out into the “real” world (as I like to call it) and got a full-time job.

As a long-term entrepreneur with a love of independence, flexibility, and spontaneity, I wasn’t initially convinced that I could make the shift. Looking forward, last March through the COVID-19 lens, I didn’t see a whole lot of work coming my way, and it forced me to really examine what I needed to do to keep HIP afloat while also bringing in a solid income to support my family.

As I look back, almost a year after making this decision: I’m happy. I took a leap of faith, trusted my skills and talents; reached out to my network to find work; and secured a job that I’ve come to love with a team that I respect and am learning from every day.

Some days, it feels overwhelming. And yet, I have to remind myself, I have the skills, I am simply applying them in new ways: to new systems and process that haven’t evolved out of my mind, to building trust through conversations with co-workers to ensure that we evolve into a solid team, to reminding myself that the job is important and that getting it done is essential, but that taking care of myself must be a priority.

For someone who was a committed entrepreneur, I’ve found a job that allows my entrepreneurial skills to shine (and they are appreciated), and at the same time, is teaching me new things. Skills, approaches, and analytical systems that will help my clients when (and if) I return to running HIP on a full-time basis.

For now, though, I’m finding a happy balance serving my existing clients (yes, there are a few long-term client’s I am still working with and I’ve had some new clients as well in the past 10 months) and working full-time.

I’ve got the best of both worlds. A steady pay cheque, and the freedom to serve my clients in the way that I love and that I’m known for.

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