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HIP Partners

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Angie McLeod of HIP Strategic Consulting knows that while her business demands that she have a wide variety of skill sets, she doesn't have to do it all!  So, she strategically partners with other entrepreneurs to fill the expertise gaps, access a variety of perspectives, and expand brain power, with an eye to innovative business growth.


Anna Black, Goode Grammar.

Anna Black, Goode Grammar - Social Media Manager and Marketer

Anna Black is a mother of three and an experienced content writer, editor, social media manager, and virtual assistant with a strong professional background in marketing, advertising, real estate, community services, non-profit, and communications. As the Owner/Operator of Goode Grammar, she works closely with her clients to create compelling and persuasive content for blogs, websites, e-blasts, and more. Learn more at  (Anna's official bio... now on to the one Angie wrote) 


Anna is amazingly organized and she gets a lot done in a minimal amount of time.  Investing in Anna's services has helped me take one priority task (marketing and social media) off my ever-growing to-do list - and ensured it got done. Anna works well collaboratively which is essential given I have marketing ideas, just no time to implement them. She takes my ideas, fine-tunes them, and makes them happen.  Communicating a clear brand message is important to me, and I have grown to trust that Anna understands this, can clearly communicate my message, and knows how to engage my target clients.  I highly recommend working with her if you have a chance.

Leah Payne, Cedar Hill Creative - Writer & Editor

Leah Payne is a writer and editor. As Owner-Operator of Cedar Hill Creative, she produces high quality, customized content for a wide range of clients. Leah is passionate about working with organizations to help them bring their brands to life. She takes care to learn about what makes her clients’ products and services unique and then works to craft tailored messages for them.  (Leah's official bio... now on to the one Angie wrote) 

Leah's great to work with and brings a gentle touch to editing her client's written work. With clear and objective eyes, she takes the writer's work and massages it to help her clients put their best foot forward while maintaining the client's natural voice.  Always pleasant to work with, Leah brings great value to any type of discussion on how to present and move your brand forward through the written word.  If you are looking for writing and editing help, Leah's a great partner. Check her out at:

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