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Social Enterprise

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Non-profits looking for opportunities to generate their own revenues to re-invest in programs, services, and administrative activities of their own choice are exploring social enterprise opportunities more and more.  For many non-profits, creating a social enterprise is foreign and risky - both from knowledge and financial perspectives. 

Non-profit teams and boards are not necessarily equipped with the entrepreneurial mindsets, skills, or experience needed to assess whether a social enterprise is a good choice or to develop a solid business plan that showcases realistic opportunities.  Fortunately, these entrepreneurial skills can be learned, and risks can be assessed and mitigated with careful planning.

The HIP team leads non-profit boards and managers through a step-by-step process as they explore social enterprise. Our process leads clients to:

  • Orient Board and Management Team to social enterprise and answer questions that they have about the process and the outcomes.

  • Share a list of funders who finance the stages of social enterprise development with potential clients.

  • Assess Financial Readiness and Risk Tolerance to examine what capacity the non-profit has to explore, start, and launch a social enterprise.

  • Define Criteria around the Key Social Enterprise Outcomes which will be used to assess, rank, and select the top three to five social enterprises ideas.

  • Complete Quick and Dirty Social Enterprise Feasibility Studies for top ideas that examine market opportunities, competitive environment, speed of entering the market, and short- and long-term profitability.

  • Conduct Comprehensive Feasibility Study to examine the top social enterprise opportunity in greater detail and craft a business case for further development.

  • Compile a detailed social enterprise business plan to guide business development and inform decision making.

  • Coach Non-Profit Social Enterprise Leadership Team to launch, manage, and grow social enterprise into a revenue generating business.

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