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Tool Kit for Non-Profit Leaders
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Action Planning
Template: Action Planning 

Once your Board has set your goals and associated objectives, it's time to sit back and relax.


Right? No!  Strategic planning, when done right, is a two-part process.  


The Board sets overall goals and objectives (direction and metrics), and the Management and Staff teams break those down into actionable steps with associated performance indicators to measure individual results. 

Action Planning Template
Worksheet: Action Planning 
Breaking Strategic Goals Into Actionable Results 

The Board sets Strategic goals and objectives on a three to five-year cycle. Annually, goals are broken down by the management and staff teams into actionable steps to guide daily activities and priorities.


Use this tool to help you understand the various components and break them down into tasks for which individuals can be held accountable.  

Dull & Dusty Action Plan
Dull and Dusty Action Plan: 6 steps to make your plan come alive!

A well-thought-out brainstorming process can be a simple and effective way to quickly re-vitalize how you do your annual action planning.


Check out the PDF to learn how to bring your planning to life.

Case Study: Capacity Building
Case Study:
Building Capacity to Empower Tomorrow

Capacity building is tightly woven into the non-profit sector. Our ultimate success is realized when our clients no longer need us.  


This case study delves into how non-profits can weave capacity building into their daily activities and strategic plans to realize results.

Neighbourhood Engagement: Clothing Exchange
Case Study:
Clothing Exchange

This is the story of a community-based initiative that began as a random idea but blossomed into something truly remarkable.


This case study examines how this grassroots, volunteer-led, heartwarming initiative has united a community for over a decade.

Neighbourhood Conversations
Case Study:
Difficult Conversations Bring Change

A neighbourhood walkabout to hear what residents loved about their neighbourhood.


One walkabout a smashing success; the second identifies significant concerns.  


Learn from the case study about the value of investing in difficult conversations to bring change.

Case Study: Funding Innovation
Case Study:
Innovative Funding

Shevalesco's approach to grant writing, corporate sponsorships, social enterprise, and subsidies has helped them to build an innovative funding model with a limited reliance on government funds.


Read the case study for more details. 

Ready for Strategic Planning Checklist
Ready for Strategic Planning?

Getting prepared to lead your agency through a strategic planning process should be, we'll can we say, "strategic?" The reality is that many variables can impact whether your strategic planning process meets the outcomes the Board and the Management team have identified. It is highly recommended to think it through in advance.


Access our free checklist to help you define and frame your next strategic planning session.  

Non-Profit Storyboarding
Storyboarding for Impactful Marketing

Gathering the stories that showcase how vital and impactful your organization's daily work is vital for non-profits who want to expand their reach.  


Once the stories are captured, share them with pride with your stakeholders, funders, community partners, sponsors, and the community.

Spark some fun for your Team!
Spark some FUN!
Ideas for weaving fun into your routine.

Forcing yourself to take a brain or body break can be challenging sometimes with so many things on your to-do list.  


Here are some ideas and techniques that will help you integrate a little more fun into your (or your team's) daily routine.

Craft your networking introduction
Crafting Your Networking Introduction

How you introduce yourself at networking meetings matters.  The great news is that if we take the time to craft and practice our networking introduction so that it rolls off our tongue with ease and comfort, we can make that positive first impression and set ourselves up for success. We need to do a little more prep work...

Craft a memorable and impactful networking introduction using this worksheet.  

Staying Motivated.  Your motivational sweet spot.
5 Simple Steps to Self-Motivation Find your motivational sweet spot! 

Motivation is one of the biggest challenges faced by business leaders.  


With proper planning, you can put support in place to keep yourself moving forward.


This set of reflective questions will help you fine-tune your motivation techniques.

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