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Board Development

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Whether you are a working board or a governance board, Board Members play a vital role in ensuring the long-term sustainability of a non-profit organization.  In a nutshell, the Board must set direction, make strategic decisions, and ensure compliance with regulations.  While numerous models are available that outline best practices, each board forms a unique culture and way of getting things accomplished.


At HIP, we recognize that Board dynamics differ in every organization we serve.  We work with the Board to define what is most important to them and assist them in shaping their own best practices.  Our Board Development services help Boards of Directors to: .

  • Orient new and existing board members to roles and responsibilities and examine the division between strategy (board) and operations (Executive Director).

  • Audit board interactions and dynamics to define and establish gaps in knowledge/expertise, opportunities for growth, and coach board members on excelling in their roles.

  • Review and revise policies and procedures to ensure a clear and comprehensive foundation for the Executive Director/CEO on how the Board would like the organization to operate.

  • Lead Board Recruitment Planning, including completing a Board Skills and Gap analysis, identifying core skills required, and assisting with recruitment if desired.

  • Collaborate on Succession Planning for key internal roles, including Board Chair and Vice Chair, Executive Director, and other essential management roles.

  • Conduct community engagement processes that inform the strategic development of organizational goals and objectives.

  • Facilitate development and review of strategic plans to ensure the organization remains focused and purpose-driven.

  • Design reporting processes and tools that enable front-end staff members and managers to easily communicate outcomes and impact to the Board.

  • Coach Board and Management on non-profit leadership, acting as an objective sounding board for ideas, asking the hard questions, and building organizational leadership capacity.

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