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The Get Curious Discovery Session

At HIP Strategic Consulting we like to get curious.  Curious about:


  • your vision for your business and yourself; 

  • your journey to date;

  • your unique to you sticky points;

  • your goals and dreams;

  • your next steps.

During our Get Curious Discovery Session, we ask a lot of open-ended questions to which only you have the correct answers.  After all, you are the expert in your journey, your dreams, your vision.  We are here to help you uncover what you might not see. 

We want to get to know you better.  Your dreams, goals, vision, and your sticky points. We ask questions, observe, ask more questions, and guide you to reflect on your answers.  The discovery session is all about YOU and helping you gain clarity around a sticky point you currently face.  

It's a pain-free way to check out whether the HIP approach is right for you and will help you shift your perspective, get inspired, and find out-of-the-box ideas to help you and your business take flight. Through this process we help you discover, explore, and examine you and your business ... and we help you understand where we might be able to help.

We promise it's not a sales pitch!  Although we will let you know what we offer and what we think might help you move forward.  If our services aren't a good fit for what you need, we'll let you know... and we will do our best to let you know about colleagues who are better suited to help you soar.  

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