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HIP Signature Services
Leadership Coaching

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HIP provides leadership coaching to managers and board members looking to grow personally and professionally.  Our coaching services are client-centric and address the specific needs of each person we are working with.  For some this might include being a sounding board for ideas, for others it might revolve around helping them find better ways to communicate with 

  • Practicing Conversational Intelligence and Radical Candor to have more confident and effective conversations - both on the day to day realm, and those hard conversations we all want to avoid. 

  • Gain Leadership Confidence to build upon personal strengths, address challenging areas, and create opportunities for open, transparent conversations that build trust.

  • Enhance Board Management Skills by coaching the Board Chair or Vice Chair to run an effective meeting, manage difficult conversations, and confidently lead board discussions.

  • Equip Leaders with Tools and Techniques to run effective performance-based team meetings focusing on strategic action, accountability, performance, and driving the desired results.

  • Act as a sounding board for the Board and Management team to assist them to work through ideas, analyze challenging situations, and enter conversations with positive intent and tools to help them succeed.  

  • Guide the Development of the Annual Operations Plan by working one-on-one with the Executive Director/CEO to walk them through translating strategic goals and objectives into tangible and clear actions with key performance indicators (KPIs), assign responsibilities, and deadlines.

  • Coach leadership on interpersonal interactions to build a person-centred learning culture that engages staff, builds capacity and strengthens organizational resiliency.

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