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Community Engagement

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Community and stakeholder engagement gives community members and stakeholders (staff, volunteers, funders, partners, politicians, sponsors, donors, etc.) a voice at your planning table around program design, client needs, service gaps, competitive advantage, or strategic planning.  Using IAP2 Canada's Spectrum of Public Participation, HIP designs an engagement process that gathers stakeholders' viewpoints and perspectives to build a foundation for planning.  

Our community engagement services encompass:

  • Define the participant list for the community engagement process and how to engage the participants best.

  • Design appreciative inquiry-based questions to guide the stakeholder conversation in the desired direction and gather the information needed to inform the planning processes.

  • Facilitate stakeholder conversations to ensure that everyone's voice is heard (even the quiet, observant ones) and to delve deeper into emerging themes to ensure clarity and understanding.

  • Manage conversations using a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens ensuring everyone has the opportunity to contribute and share ideas.

  • Assess conversational outcomes to identify and communicate themes, clusters, trends, and highlight those conversation points that gained the most traction.

  • Compile a Community Engagement report that recommend next steps, highlight the most important outcomes, and provide a solid foundation for planning.

use Conversational Intelligence (or C-IQ) tools and techniques to build better TRUST relationships in your personal and business life.

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