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HIP Advantage


HIP's innovative and powerful talk > action > accountability > results conversation model helps clients transform ideas into actions and results.  

The HIP team facilitates small and large group conversations that encourage clients to talk, share, and encourage each other. These conversations enable clients to explore ideas, shift perspectives, and apply practical business tools.  

Whether working with clients one-on-one or in a peer-based group dialogue setting, the HIP team helps clients clear away the mental debris to uncover their own answers. All it takes is asking the right questions!

At HIP we realize that discovering new ideas is great, but there isn't much value in that new, exciting idea if it isn't put into action. So we work closely with clients to move from talk to action ... and everyone leaves our sessions with clearly defined goals and timelines.

Our conversation model, ensures that clients launch accountability systems —whether it's a person, an email, or an online group format. Knowing that you are accountable for achieving what you set out to do increases success!

Clients who choose to work with HIP experience improved time management, laser focus, increased energy, and decreased organizational pressure points. The result? An organizational atmosphere in which ideas flourish and grow in unexpected ways.  


At HIP Strategic Consulting, we forge strong relationships with our clients.  Our client relationships are our most precious asset. Without them, we can't survive. As such, our number one job is to help you achieve your goals.


Your success is our success!

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