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HIP Strategic Consulting

HIP = high impact practical


HIP Vision:


Purpose-driven, innovative, and sustainable non-profits, free of operational and financial constraints, delivering positive community outcomes.


HIP's Mission:

Transform conversations: discover, innovate and co-create.

At HIP we thrive on moving clients from ideas > action > accountability > desired results.  We facilitate meaningful, process-based conversations that engage participants in developing and implementing high-impact practical (hip) action plans.


At HIP we:

  • Evaluate success based on values, beliefs, and realities;

  • Focus on individuals and organizational strengths, assets, and opportunities;

  • Promote strategic and focused decision-making with an emphasis on prioritized action.


HIP C4 Values:

Ignite ideas: challenge what is impossible & co-create to innovate and grow



  • Lead with discovery questions, a sense of exploration, and an open mind.


  • Start conversations. Listen to connect and understand. Challenge assumptions.  Double-click on words and ideas. Reframe. Refocus. Redirect.


  • Collaborate and partner for shared success. Invest in long-term relationships. Co-create with abandon.


  • Connect ideas, resources, and people.  Build capacity.  Strengthen resiliency.  Pay it forward.  Spread abundance.


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