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Blowing away the winter blues.

In my 20’s I had a friend who hosted an annual Winter Blues Party in February. We gathered at his home for a potluck meal, a fire, and some warm, welcome company. It blew away the gloom, our desire to cocoon, and got us outside, mingling, and having fun!

I’m sharing this story because there are so many simple ways to blow away the winter blues. February offers a number of opportunities’ to do just that:

  • February 13th is Family Day in British Columbia;

  • February 14th is Valentines Day;

  • February 17th marks Random Acts of Kindness Day; and,

  • February 22nd is Be Humble Day AND International World Thinking Day.

Whew, if you were looking for a way to blow away the winter blues, one of those should do it! I don’t know that any other month has so many positive events that connect us with each other so well.

For me, I celebrated Family Day by taking the day off to hang out with my husband, girls, parents, and friends. We joined together around a bonfire in the back yard, with marshmallows (think s’mores), hot chocolate (and some baileys), and some great food. It isn't the first time I’ve sat around a campfire in the middle of the winter… I feel refreshed now.

February 20th also marks the re-launch of the Collective Wisdom Retreat where we will be celebrating our successes. If a great conversation with other women entrepreneurs around success doesn’t blow the winter blues away, I don’t know what will.

I’d love to hear about how you are going to blow away the winter blues this month. Please join the conversation on the HIP Strategic Facebook Page. I can’t wait to compile the ideas and learn about how you rejuvenate yourself.

Sending love and hugs in this month of hearts!

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