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Thrive & Recruit: Building a Robust Board Recruitment Framework

As March 31 fades away, many non-profit leaders shift their focus from grant writing and operational planning to AGM preparation and board recruitment. Strategic board recruitment is essential. Too frequently, this strategic board priority is overlooked, and the opportunity to ensure a diverse, dynamic, healthy board is missed.

Whether your Board is functioning optimally or needs improvement, spring is an excellent time for board member recruitment planning. To ensure your process is successful, we recommend you work through each of these steps:

  1. Complete a Board Performance Evaluation to see what is and is not working well around the Board table.  

  2. Completing a Board Recruitment Skills and Gap Matrix to define opportunities to strengthen the board by strategically recruiting people with specific skills and expertise.

  3. Next, you can design a recruitment plan to guide the process. You can use our helpful Recruitment Timeline and Process as a template.

  4. Brainstorm a candidate list and invite potential board members to discuss board opportunities. Keep track of the details using our Board Recruitment Skills and Experience Toolkit.

  5. Invite selected candidates to join your Board. Prepare membership and the board to vote them in at the AGM by sharing each candidate’s strengths and skills.

  6. Orienting your new board members to the board and specific roles and responsibilities. Check out these related blog posts Sealing the Deal: Setting New Board of Director Members Up for Success and Board Success Blueprint: Know your Responsibilities.

Whew, that is a ton of information (and helpful resources!).

Following a board recruitment process like this increases your chances of building a strong, resilient, diverse, and dynamic board of directors. Strong boards equate to open and honest conversations, asking hard questions, and setting clear frameworks to guide operations. When these dynamics exist, the organization is well positioned to navigate any speed bumps that come their way.  

A strong, resilient, and healthy board is ideal for all non-profits.  So, in the interests of the all too-rapid passage of time, I encourage you to dive in and get going.

If you have questions about the process or would like someone to help lead the process, book a free Get Curious! Discovery session so we can discuss your Board and your needs.  HIP is here to help!

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