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Are you a Technician, a Manager, or an Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Each day brings a new challenge; a new opportunity; a new skill to add to our toolbox. Overtime our knowledge and expertise in a wide-range of areas is fine-tuned, enhanced, and developed.

Micheal E. Gerber, notes in his book, The E-Myth that three sets of skills are necessary to succeed in business: Entrepreneur, Manager, Technician. Gerber’s premise is that every business needs these skills.[1]

  • The Technician has the technical skills to run the business: the plumber, the hairdresser, the coach. Their job is to do the work.

  • The Manager keeps things running smoothly by managing people and processes, looking at the big picture and strategizing on how to realize the desired results. They are the ones who keep things organized and put plans into action.

  • The Entrepreneur is the dreamer, the one who sees the big long-term picture and inspires others to help them bring this vision to life. The Entrepreneur’s envisions who they want to serve, how they will do serve this group, and sketches out how this will come to fruition.

As a business owner, many of enter our business as technicians. We are great hairdressers, financial planners, plumbers, business coaches, sales people… the list goes on. We may even have some managerial or entrepreneurial skills.

I’ve yet to meet someone who is a perfect equal blend of Technician, Manager, or Entrepreneur. Each of us is stronger in one of these areas, and if we’ve worked hard and dedicated ourselves, we might also have strengths in the two additional areas.

When you consider you and your business, which of Gerber’s skill set(s) do you feel you are strongest in? Which do you feel you may need to develop more?

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