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Living life in the "uncomfortable" zone

Updated: Jan 14

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For me, spring is a time of renewal. A time when the seeds (or in my case ideas) that I’ve planted throughout the year… begin to take root and flourish.

Like many entrepreneurs, I have lots of ideas. The challenge isn’t in coming up with them; it’s in nurturing them until they have time to take root, grow, and eventually blossom.

This spring is no different. I’ve been planting seeds and inviting others to help me nourish these ideas since last fall when I set out to build my community – both personally and professionally – by inviting others to join me on the journey of getting “uncomfortable” on the Crush Your Comfort Zone Facebook group.

The response has been quite amazing and humbling. I’ve been connecting with women who are working hard to push their comfort zones and striving to improve themselves both personally and in business. Thereby growing and blossoming.

I love seeing how each person is stretching and watching the group virtually (and in person) reaching out to support and nourish each other. The Crush Your Comfort Zone page has taken on a life of its own, which I am very excited about.

For those of you who have joined me on this journey “THANK YOU!” I am honoured that you are investing your time and energy in helping me grow. And I am excited to be one of your supporters as you stretch into areas that make you “uncomfortable.”

For those of you who want to Crush Your Comfort Zone and experience life in the “uncomfortable” zone, I invite you to message me and join our supportive and inspiring group. The more the merrier!

And those who are considering personal or business growth, but not ready to commit to living life in the “uncomfortable” zone, how are you challenging the status quo that is your life? What changes are you committing to that will renew your energy and push you to make changes? Please share your comments below...

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