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Professional Speaking: Unearthing new perspectives 



A sampling of the presentation topics offered.


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Hear from our raving fans, about why Angie McLeod is a great choice for your next event!


Ignite Ideas | Encourage discovery.


Angie McLeod of HIP Strategic Consulting brings her passion for life, business, and personal growth to her provocative presentations.  


With a passion for conversations: conversations that connect people, inspire ideas, generate change, and involve participants in collective discovery and co-creation, Angie is known for her interactive and engaging workshops and keynote presentations.  


With over 20+ years of working with small and medium-sized businesses in a consulting and coaching capacity, Angie brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, tips and tricks to her presentations, while posing stimulating questions that inspire change.


Whether you are looking for a 30-minute presentation or a longer keynote presentation, Angie's positive, refreshing, and straightforward speaking style is sure to captivate your audience.  


Angie’s presentations revolve around:


  1. Conversational Intelligence

  2. Self-Leadership 

  3. Business Management

  4. Strategic Planning 


Book your FREE 30-minute Discovery Session to discuss your unique needs and learn more about how Angie can help engage your audience and inspire personal and professional growth.


Looking for more information including Angie McLeod's Bio, picture, and background? Download our Non-Profit Speakers sheet here and our Women Entrepreneurs Speakers Sheet here.

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Conversational Intelligence


Bring on the Oxytocin | Conversations that FEEL good.


Statistics show that 9/10 conversations fail to achieve their goal. And yet, in business we depend on the conversations we have with our team, our suppliers, our customers, and our partners, to grow our business.  Join us to examine the importance of conversational intelligence, a framework for examining the effectiveness of your conversations, and practice skills that will shift your conversations from good to great where the oxytocin flows.


Building Trust Relationships


Trust is the cornerstone of every relationship we have.  Trust takes time to earn and can be lost in an instant.  And yet, we rarely talk about trust in relation to the relationships we have with others.  It’s either there or it isn’t.  Join us in a conversation about trust:  how trust is built, broken, and restored.  You’ll leave with some new insights, Conversational Intelligence ® tools, and some ideas on how you can improve your conversations to build long-term trust relationships. 




Self-Leaderships: Learn to Trust Yourself


There is lots of talk about leadership and leading others. However, one of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face, is self-leadership.  It’s about staying motivated, managing what is going on inside your head, and figuring out strategies to stay positive even when times are tough.  Join us to explore what self-leadership looks like for you, tools to help you overcome a negative mindset faster, and practices that set the tone for your day.



Business Management


Take the Fear Out of Networking: Be Curious!


Exploring a different approach to networking by leading with questions, curiousity, and building an authentic relationship with those you meet. Join in the conversation to explore how asking questions and active listening can shift the conversation, build trust, and establish a foundation for a long-term relationship that builds business.


Balance: Make Choices, Manage Expectations.


Women entrepreneurs are striving for better balance in their lives.  It is true that as working mothers and business owners, we carry a heavy load.  In reality, our schedules and work flow needs to be fluid and flexible to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our families and business.  What if we were to make different choices?  To manage our (and our family and friends) expectations differently?  Join us to examine the link between choices, expectations, boundaries and balance and receive tips that help you make different choices, decrease your sense of overwhelm, and re-gain control over your life. 


Strategic Planning


SOARing to Success:  5 Reasons Benefits of Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is an essential tool for all organizations to help them clearly articulate where they are and where they want to be in three to five years.  When combined with an annual action plan that drives activities, a strategic plan can help your company soar to success as it lays out a clear path to achieving goals.  And yet, few organizations invest the time and energy to complete this planning process. Join us to learn about why strategic planning is essential the SOAR model of strategic planning, and the different tools that support your strategic planning process and help your organization drive towards success.  

Conversational Intelligence
Business Management
Strategic Planning

What our clients say...

What our clients say...

 Angie is approachable, knowledgeable and delivers complex information in a very direct and engaging manner. She likes to think (and speak) outside the box, and I look forward to our continued conversations/collaborations for our mutual success!

~VS, Womans AM, 


Angie McLeod delivers

information non-profits can use! Angie understands the non-profit world and has so many ideas to offer, presented in a fun and friendly style. I received tons of positive feedback after booking her to present to the Community Network in January 2019.


Community Network,


Angie’s dedication to empowering others is truly special.


Her presentation skills, knowledge and engagement with her audience provides an easy way to learn and grow. 

~FC, 2019

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