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bridging the gap between non-profits and for-profits.



Non Profits:

From Surviving to Thriving: 3 Tips to shift from scarcity to abundance 


move from surviving to thriving with some key mindset shifts that will create a more sustainable organizational culture



Non Profits:

Embrace Entrepreneurial Practices


transform your organizational language, lower the lag time on opportunities, drive opportunities for revenue growth, leverage small shifts for big results.

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Engage in your Community


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Power Up Your Community |Non Profits

From Surviving to Thriving: 3 Tips to Shift from Scarcity to Abundance |

20 - 60 minutes | Complimentary Keynote presentation


Are you ready to fire-up the sustainability conversation in your non-profit?  Ready to embrace the cultural shift that is required for non-profits to move fearlessly into the future to achieve their organizational vision?  


At HIP we believe that to create sustainable non-profits we need to embrace a business mindset, to think in terms of earning profits, to decrease our reliance on outside funding and grants, and find ways to creatively achieve our vision.  We know that this is a radical change in how the non-profit sector culture which is built on doing good, serving the most vulnerable, and championing the needs of those who cannot advocate for themselves.  Like you, we value these core principles that guide the work of the sector.  


However, we can also see the writing on the wall: competition for funding is increasing, agencies are being asked to do more with less, and the funding is becoming more specific and targetted.  


It's time to shift our mindsets, to weave some business concepts into our non-profit operations; to remove the stigma of “profits” and “revenue generation” from the organizational culture; to embracing the non-profit as a “business” that is purpose driven where profits can be re-invested for the good of those we serve; and, embracing the non profit sector as part of the larger business community.  It's time to shift up how we do things so that we can build a stronger, more resilient, and healthier non-profit sector that can continue to serve its' community and its residents.


If you are ready to learn how to move your non-profit from surviving to thriving and to embrace the abundance mindset, give HIP a call to book your complimentary keynote presentation.  


Surviving to Thriving
NP Embrace Entrepreneurial Practices

Embrace Entrepreneurial Practices |

3 hour Workshop | $600 for up to 30 people


In this 3-hour session participant will be presented with core concepts related and will engage in group dialogue to explore and examine best practices within their own organizations on how to:


Transform Organizational Language: I’ll show you what I call the “Transform your Language” process  - a series of techniques that you can use at the ground level and up, to introduce change into your organization. Language transformation is how we change the mindset and this process ensures that, the new mindset (moving from non-profit > entrepreneurial language) gets embedded in your organizational culture on an ongoing basis. 

“Lower the Lag Time” Responsiveness Shift -  You’ll learn a unique approach to increase effectiveness and responsiveness when your organization is faced with change or new opportunities.  I call it ‘lower lag time” (that time between seeing an opportunity and actually moving on it)  - conquering risk aversion, getting comfortable with experimenting and learning to trust your organization will figure it out. This approach actually embeds this way of doing business into the processes and systems that run your organization. 

Drive Opportunities for revenue growth: You’ll leave with a series of practical ways open opportunities during contract & program negotiation - how to ask questions that drive new opportunities for growth.  These are nuggets of wisdom in how to change the conversation around RFPs, contract negotiation, who you serve, and expanding opportunities for your programs.  (eg. give examples “if we meet your criteria, can we sell more seats, etc… ).


Leverage smallshifts for big results: You’ll identify which small shifts you’ll do right a way - the ‘high leverage’ changes that will get you big results. You’ll walk away with a real plan on how to make sure these changes are woven into day-to-day activities and the organizational culture. 


This is an interactive workshop that will pull together the best ideas, expertise, and knowledge of those attending for the benefit of the group as a whole.  Tips sheets compiling the best practices will be compiled upon completion and shared with the group.


* can include 30 people from one organization or 30 people from several organizations.  

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