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Angie McLeod, Keynote Speaker

Blending rich storytelling, with compelling curiousity, Angie McLeod invites listeners to challenge long-held, and often unconscious, mindsets that limit personal and organizational growth.  Her sense of humour, willingness to dig deep into her own journey - and what she's learned along the way - ground her insights in reality, and vulnerability.  


Angie has a passion for community and entrepreneurship - and for stimulating ideas and conversation with those she connects with.  Her presentations are known for posing insightful questions - that make listeners stop and ponder their current mindset.   - and invite listeners to play with ideas and patterns to see how results may be improved with simple shifts in habits.  


inspired stimulating conversation and ideas

imagination, dedication and energy

respectful, assertive, exploring, encouraging

great passion for her work with community and people… immense vision for social change… gift for authentic leadership




From Surviving to Thriving: 

At HIP we specialize in hosting and facilitating conversations that help public and private non-profits define and realize their vision for their organization, clients and community. HIP facilitated conversations focus on open dialogue, brainstorming, and knowledge sharing and every session ends with the creation of an action plan and a system for holding the team accountable.


Our non-profit conversations focus specifically on developing the capacity of individuals and organizations in relation to their strategic plans.  The HIP team works with their client's team to design a project-based work plan that reflects the values, goals, and timelines of each clients' unique situation.  This plan then guides the work of the HIP team to ensure that timelines are met, budgets are managed, and desired outcomes are realized.    


At HIP Strategic Consulting we believe that:

  • Everyone has the capacity to contribute and brings value to the conversation

  • Stakeholders know what needs to get done to move an organization forward

  • All organizational or project stakeholders deserve an equal voice at the planning table

  • Honest, open and transparent conversations increase stakeholder buy-in and result in better outcomes

  • Clear, concise and shared action plans that are relevant and timely won't sit on the shelf and get dusty.


The work we do with our non-profit clients is built on these foundational community engagement principles.  


At HIP Strategic Consulting we use our innovative and powerful talk > action > accountability conversation model to move our non-profit clients foward.  HIP conversations help non-profits and their stakeholders with: Strategic Planning, Social Enterprise Exploration, Board Training, Leadership Development, and Community Conversations.  


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