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7 Reasons to Attend a HIP Collective Wisdom Evening Retreat

Collective Wisdom Evening Retreat

You’re the expert on your business. But every now and then, it’s helpful to connect with other inspiring women entrepreneurs.

  1. By collectively discussing the monthly theme, leave inspired, refreshed, and ready to conquer business challenges.

  2. It’s called “collective wisdom” for a reason: learn the tips and tricks of others, share experiences, and change your perspective.

  3. Meet likeminded businesswomen in a no-stress setting. It’s networking that doesn’t feel like networking—we’re getting to know one another in a causal, fun, and compassionate environment.

  4. Two words: tangible results! Leave with an action plan and attainable goals to help move your business forward.

  5. No falling off the wagon! After the session, continue the conversation and stay accountable with our confidential, supportive online groups.

  6. The theme is always changing, so no two sessions are ever the same.

  7. Order an appy and a drink, get away from the husband and kids, and treat yourself to a weeknight out!

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