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Community Engagement:
Stakeholders and Customers
Processes, Training & Planning

Facilitating Community Development

HIP Strategic Consulting offers a wide range of community development services designed to meet the needs of public and private non-profit organizations.  The HIP team works with their client's team to design a project based work plan that reflects the values, goals, and timelines of their clients' unique situation.  This plan then guides the work of the HIP team to ensure that timelines are met, budgets are managed, and desired outcomes are realized.    


Hosting conversations that matter.

HIP Strategic facilitators lead groups through processes to find common ground and create action plans. A strong facilitator knows that the people sitting at the table have the answers and that each person has something of value to add to the discussion.  


Open and respective group processes lead to responsive and innovative community solutions.  HIP Strategic has over 15 years of experience facilitating group processes with the aim of help community groups achieve their goals.  


HIP's facilitation experience includes:

  • Board & Staff Strategic Planning Sessions

  • Social Enterprise Exploration & Evaluation

  • Team Building Events

  • Board Training

  • Leadership Development

  • Targeted Skill Development 



At it's core, Community engagement work is about people. At HIP we see the value in involving people in discussions, letting them create solutions and take ownership of outcomes.  


The HIP Team is curious. We ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to find themes.  Our strong facilitation skills combined with our proven ability to engage stakeholders leads to community processes that invite participation and strengthen partnerships.  


HIP's community engagement strategy includes:

  • Engaging local residents to assess local needs, strengths & assets

  • Building "ownership" on community initiatives

  • Hosting Community Conversations

  • Empowering community champions to take leadership

  • Creating excitement and enthusiasm for community projects

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