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Spring into Action

The crocuses are blooming in my yard. After a February filled with snow and cold weather, I am, as usual, grateful to see the first signs of spring. It reminds me that seeds are germinating and new growth is sure to come.

In my business as well, changes are coming…

I am currently wrapping up a long-term contract. While I know that I will miss the community leaders with whom I have had the honour of working and the direct work I’ve been doing with my community, I am looking forward to shifting how I meet the needs of my local community: more facilitation, more strategic planning, and more community engagement work. I’ll be using the same skills, just packaging how I do the work differently.

And, as I wrap things up, I am beginning to see that the seeds of ideas that I have been planting for the last two years are beginning to spread their roots, and like the crocuses, I am beginning to see the first signs of how these ideas will blossom in the coming months.

Inquiries are coming in for short-term contracts with non-profits, and those women entrepreneurs I’ve been building relationships with are becoming more and more engaged in the conversations that I’m hosting—and finding great value in the wisdom that is shared. It’s all very exciting!

I’m setting up administrative and operational systems that will enable my company to streamline its’ long-term growth. I’ve been actively working on selecting a customer relationship management (CRM) system, hiring a social media contractor (welcome aboard, Erin!), and fine-tuning my marketing and operations plans. All of this is to help make my job, and the jobs of my team members, easier over the long term.

Some days it feels like there are a lot of loose ends, but then I see the how they will all weave together over time … and I’m comforted that I’m on the right track. I look at the new people I’m meeting, the leads that are in my sales funnel, and the inquiries that are coming in and I realize that the plan is working!

Now, I just need to have faith. The sales will arrive, just as the crocuses pop their heads up through the moss in my front yard every year. Patience. Patience and perseverance are my friends. I think I’ll adopt this as my new mantra as a gentle reminder to be kind to myself and let my plans unfold naturally.

Do you have a mantra you quote to yourself regularly? If so, what is it? Please share your mantra and how it helps you stay focused and on track in the comments below.

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