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Be part of the conversation...

Here at HIP we truly value the conversations we have with the women entrepreneurs and non-profits we serve.  We invite you to become part of the conversation too.  Join one of our upcoming conversations to learn, connect, and collaborate with others.  

Collective wisdom evening retreat
Collective Wisdom Evening Retreat:
Be Inspired.  Shift perspectives.  Meet new Women Entrepreneurs.
Are you ready to shift your thinking and learn from others?  Join us to hear the perspectives of 2-3 women entreprenuers, discuss your take on the monthly theme, and then explore the core ideas and principles that we can apply in our everyday lives. Oh, and yes, there will be time for networking and 1-on-1 dialogue tagged on to the end... getting to know each other is part of the process as well!


Register on Eventbrite, or learn more about our 2016 monthly conversation themes here.  

Let's talk: Online conversations
Let's Talk
Share Ideas.  Inspire Change.

Every month, Angie hosts a complimentary online conversation that explores a business topic that women entrepreneurs commonly struggle with. Questions and conversation will help uncover the gold nuggets of information/insight that each participant brings to the discussion. We look forward to hearing yours! Be sure to invite your friends to the conversation—the more minds, the more impactful the results.


Register on Eventbrite, or learn more about our 2016 monthly conversation themes here.  

Accountability Ally program
Peer Power Think Tank
HIP Mastermind Group Series
Accountability Ally:
Our Accountability Ally program features 1-on-1 mentoring and is personalized to meet your specific goals.  
Looking to clarify your direction, establish your action plan, or simply have someone hold you accountable; HIP's accountability Ally program offers a great deal of flexibility. 
Not sure if it's right for you? HIP offers one complimentary 45 minute discovery session to new clients to try it out.  
Ongoing enrollment for this program.
Peer Power Think Tank:
Come with an idea you want to flesh out. Leave inspired, with a whole range of perspectives that help you better define your next steps.  
Experience the power of many minds brainstorming to help each fine-tune ideas. Then, combine that idea forming process, with action planning and accountability.  
It's a powerful day! 
NEXT SESSION: October 29th 9 - 5 PM.
HIP Mastermind Series:
Honest, rich, business conversations combined with intent, action, and accountability.  Your mastermind members will call you out and ask the hard questions.
Mastermind groups allow you to connect with your tribe over the long-term—building strong, resilient relationships. It's like having a tribe of advisors available to you!
Are you ready to commit to business growth?
Applications being accepted on an ongoing basis.  
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