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The power of peer brainstorming: a FUNdraising event

I'm part of a cycling team - Team CRUSH IT! - that is fundraising to support the BC Lung Association. Our goal is to raise $3000 by September 2016 when we will challenge ourselves mentally and physically to ride 200 KM from Whiterock to Cultus Lake, BC and back again the next day. We are excited about all aspects of the challenge: fundraising, training, and actually doing the ride. It's going to be EPIC fun!

As someone who is constantly fundraising (or so it seems), the CRUSH IT team has chosen to think outside the box when it comes to how we raise our $3000. We are working to offer a "value" for those who choose to help us with our fundraising. Our first offering is based on my faciliatation skills and my desire to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses. And given that the whole CRUSH IT team is women and that several of them are entrepreneurs this seemed like a good fit.

So what are we doing that is so UNIQUE and FUN? While, we are hosting a day of brainstorming (think brainstorming on steriods) - called a Peer Power Think Tank - to help women entrepreneurs explore and examine a business idea from a wide variety of perspectives. I am lucky enough to be part of a group that does brainstorming together bi-weekly and I've seen how it can help propel business ideas forward.

Here's a list of the top five reasons why I think Brainstorming is an under-utilized tool for business growth:

1) As a solo woman entrepreneur we often work in isolation. The Peer Power Think Tank is an opportunity to brainstorm your specific idea and look at it through the eyes of other women entrepreneurs with a variety of life and business experiences. It's amazing what you can learn about your idea and yourself. 2) Putting your ideas out there to be brainstormed takes trust and faith... in each other and in the process. Being vulnerable and trusting can be challenging, but the rewards as others step up to say "how can I help you achieve your goal" is nothing short of amazing. 3) The conversations and connections. When you let yourself be vulnerable, you are authentic. Being authentic leads to deeper conversations and connections. Conversations and connections that continue beyond the day of brainstorming. 4) The process of being engaged in a business dialogue around each other's ideas celebrates the differences we each bring to the table. Connecting with women entrepreneurs who we wouldn't necessarily connect with because they aren't like-minded, helps us to strengthen and build our network (and makes the brainstorming itself more valuable). 5) The dynamic synergy that is created anytime you bring women together in a room to bounce business ideas around... it's POWERFUL, ENERGIZING, and INSPIRING.

Who wouldn't want to experience a day that brings about benefits like these? Register for the event at:

Looking foward to seeing you at this exciting and energizing event. Questions, drop me an email at or give me a call at 604 476 2447.

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