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Is opting out ever the answer?

I recently made a promise to myself … I promised not to “opt out” and take the easy road when it came to developing my business and moving ahead towards my personal and professional goals.

I promised not to “opt out” just because I was faced with having to stretch my comfort zone to move up to the next level; and, because my actions are not bringing results to me as quickly as I’d like (even though my progress is aligned with my five year plan!).

Let me explain what I mean by “opting out.” In my world, opting out might be taking a contract that was convenient and brought in easy money; or doing work that was not aligned with my personal and business mission. Another "opt out" option would be taking a job because it offered a steady income, challenging work, and potentially more job security.

BUT in going after any of these options, I’d be nullifying the energy and time invested in growing my business – the business that aligns so well with my passion for helping others achieve their goals. The business that I’ve dedicated myself to for 13 years; and with greater intensity, the past 2 years as my daughters have become more independent.

I'd be putting the work I’m passionate about doing on hold; potentially losing the flexible work schedule that I’ve crafted that makes my families’ crazy schedules work; and I’d be walking away from the clients (all of whom I treasure) and the relationships that I’ve been nurturing with them.

So I’ve been asking myself … is taking the easy road the RIGHT road for me at this time? What in fact is the cost of letting go of what I’ve been working so hard to achieve? Am I giving up too soon on what I’ve set out to do because I’m impatient?

When I reflect on these questions and on my core values, I know what’s right for me. And, my reality is, the easy road isn’t the right road at this point.

Maybe sometime in the future as circumstances change, my decision may be different. But right now, opting out is not the answer. I will stick to my plan, be patient, and see where my entrepreneurial adventure takes me.

Have you ever ‘opted out’ and taken the easy road instead of pushing through the hard stuff that challenged you? What were the results? Please share your stories in the comments below.

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