Announcing Spring 2020
Wildly Successful Retreat dates:
May 29, 30, 31
8:30 AM - 5 PM daily
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I'm ready to be #Wildly Successful!

  • Feeling discombobulated and out of sorts?  Like life isn't quite working out the way you planned?
  • Unsure of how your personal and professional goals fit together?  Or how to bring them back into alignment?
  • Ready to make conscious decisions that guide you towards your ideal life?
YOU aren't alone!
Wildly Successful Retreat FAST FACTS:
  • On-site: Azadeh Acres, Maple Ridge, BC

  •  Spring 2020 Date:

    • May 29, 30, 31 8:30 AM - 5 PM daily

Facilitators & Co-Hosts:
Key Learning Outcomes:
  • Unearth your true self and quantify what is most important to you and why

  • Define your patterns, assumptions, boundaries, and expectations

  • Make your unconscious decisions more consciously 

  • Embrace your unique talents and assets

  • Create a vision and mission statement to guide your work

  • Set goals, intentions, and create an accountability system

  • Put your new knowledge into practice in your daily life - both personal and business


You deserve to live a life of alignment where your personal and professional activities feed your soul and drive your success.  


  • Are you ready to live boldly, tackle the mental blocks and re-occurring patterns holding you back, and bring your decision making in line with your values, motivations, and desires? 

  • Are you ready to release the tension that comes when your personal and business worlds are at odds?

  • Are you ready to experience the “aha” moment when your personal and business activities align, abundance flows, and you rediscover your best self?

  • Are you ready to weave the elements of your best self into your business life to achieve greater success?


Then join us at the Wildly Successful Retreat to dig deep, unpeel the layers of who you are and what’s most important to you, and to use that self-awareness to craft a personal and professional life that reflects your innermost values and dreams. 


You’re worth the investment!

It’s time to be wildly successful on your own terms! 


This program is for you if you are ready to:


  • Peel back the layers to discover your best self;

  • Dream the impossible, and realize “I’m possible!”

  • Embrace the journey towards your ideal life;

  • Acknowledge and let go of what’s holding you back;

  • Re-ignite the relationships that empower you to be your best self;

  • Bring your daily practices into alignment with your values and ideal life;

  • Re-design your work to reflect what is truly important to you;

  • Celebrate your unique contributions, approach, and best self;

  • Create inspiring connections with women who also want to be wildly successful on their own terms.


Using a combination of journaling (prompts provided), online webinars, self-led discovery exercises, online peer discussions, and face-to-face interactions, this program leads participants through a discovery process that unravels the mystery of how each woman can best align their personal and professional activities to honour themselves, their values, and make changes to live their ideal life. 

Are you ready to invest in yourself?  You are worth it! 


The Wildly Successful Retreat re-connects women entrepreneurs, like yourself, with what is most important to them. If that is what you are seeking, there is no better time or way to invest in yourself and commit to making the small shifts that will bring you peace, joy and bring your life back into balance.  


If you are struggling to:


  • Manage your time and split your focus between competing priorities;

  • Find time for you personally and professionally so you can be your BEST self;

  • Connect authentically and attract others like yourself into your community;

  • Set and move towards your personal and business goals;

  • Partner with women you trust who can help you build your business, balance your life;

  • Build trust relationships with women who will help you hold yourself accountable.


Then this program is for you! ​

Give yourself the gift of time!


Give yourself the gift of time for yourself!  It's time to ponder your values, what’s holding you back personally and professionally, and to overcome the patterns and behaviours that you struggle with repeatedly.  


It’s time to define your own version of wildly successful! 


Grow your tribe! 


With a maximum of 15 participants, there will be plenty of time to learn from, connect with, and swap stories with your fellow women entrepreneurs looking to also craft their ideal life. Join us to discover and bond with a tribe of women who want to lift each other up and have each other’s backs. 



A flexible program...


The Wildly Successful program is designed to be flexible and work with your schedule.  In fact, in recognition of the busy life you lead, we've created three unique delivery options:


  • Wildly Successful Workbook | Independent Study (coming soon)*

  • Wildly Successful Coaching Series | Self-Paced Workbook, Videos & 1-hour coaching call  - (coming soon)*

  • Wildly Successful Retreat | In-person intensive May 29, 30, 31, 2020 8:30 AM - 5 PM daily


Come prepared to excavate to find your true self and what is most important to you and to re-practice weaving your personal and business values and goals together to create your ideal life.


* Does not include work with the horse herd or Sharolyn Wandzura, Ears Forward Coaching, although this can be booked privately by contacting Sharolyn directly at .


You are worth the investment!


Join us to play in the Align Lab and discover your own version of wildly successful!  Want to join with a friend, we respect that. Contact us to learn about our gift for those who bring a friend. Our program is designed to be affordable and we offer a variety of payment options:

Prioritize yourself...


Invest your time and money to discover what’s most important to you and


align your actions with your vision of your ideal life!


Still not sure?  


Want a sneak peek at what we will be covering and some of the questions we'll ask you to ponder?  


Check out this sneak peek freebie to jumpstart your personal discovery process.  Or email HIP to schedule a complimentary 30-minute conversation with us to figure out if this program is for you.


It's time to align your actions and become wildly successful on your own terms!

Early Bird  - prior to June 17th  |  $899 per person*


Regular  - June 17th -  June 22nd | $1099 per person*


4-month Equal Payment Plan |Registraton Fee** + $40 administration fee ***


* Bring a friend = cost savings of $100 each.
** Based on the early bird or regular registration deadlines
***Only available on credit card payments and contract must be signed 
Already a HIP Strategic Consulting or Ears Forward Coaching client? Ask us about our VIP rate that celebrates your loyalty to our brands.

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