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Please download and use these free resources to help grow your business.  

Worksheets & Tools
Change your Internal Messages
Change your internal message.  Tackle the gremlins head on.


Negative internal messages can hold anyone back.  The secret is to identify, reflect upon, and re-frame the messages our internal gremlins are providing us and shift how we look at it.  Read the following blog post to understand why shifting our internal messages is essential if we want to grow and prosper and then use this worksheet to help you re-frame your internal conversations.

Guerilla Marketing
Spark some FUN! Ideas for your Body / Brain Break Toolbox

Forcing yourself to take a brain or body break can be challenging sometimes with so many things on your to-do list.  Here are some ideas and techniques that will help you integrate a little more fun into your daily routine.

Spark some Fun! Ideas for Brain Breaks.
Maximize your Networking Investment
Action Planning Worksheet


Transform your intentions into a plan:  5 easy steps. Click here to read the whole story on how to implement this. 

HIP Strategic 6 Step Action Plan
Dull & Dusty Action Plan? 6 steps to make your plan come alive!


A well thought out brainstorming process can be a simple and effective way to quickly re-vitalize how you do your annual action planning. Check out the PDF to learn how to bring your planning to life.


Six Steps That Bring Action Planning Alive!


Dusty & Dull Action Plan
Define Your Market Niche
HIP Strategic Defining Marketing Niche
Defining Your Market Niche

There are lots of customers out there; the question is, which ones will purchase your products and services? These reflective questions are designed to help you fine-tune your description of who your target client is, so that you can focus your marketing efforts more effectively.


Defining Your Market Niche PDF

Stay Motivated.
HIP Strategic Staying Motivated
Staying Motivated

Motivation is one of the biggest challenges faced by business leaders.  With proper planning, you can put supports in place to keep yourself moving forward. This set of reflective questions will help you fine tune your motivation techniques.  


Staying Motivated PDF

Crafting Your Networking Introduction
HIP Strategic Networking Image
Crafting Your Networking Introduction

Whether you are looking for work or trying to grow your business, how you introduce yourself has a significant impact. I attend a lot of networking events and I'm always impressed when someone has an introduction that stands out... one that catches my attention with its boldness, humour, or impact. These reflective questions will help you create your very own awe-inspiring introduction that wows listeners, start conversations, and inspires people to learn more about what you do.


Crafting Your Networking Introduction PDF

Reflective Questions
HIP Strategic Work-Life Balance
Work - Life Balance

What is your ideal work life balance? How do you achieve it? Here are some questions to help you reflect on what is most important to you and some tips on how to put your personal work life balance into place.  Enjoy!


Work Life Balance PDF


Work-Life Balance
HIP Strategic Getting Referrals
Getting Referrals

We all know that it is cheaper and easier to sell our services to an existing customer than it is to establish a relationship with a new customer. So here are some tips & questions to help you jump-start the design of your referral system. Remember, 80% of our income comes from 20% of our customers.


Getting Referrals Reflective Questions PDF

Getting Referrals
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