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We know it's all the details:

Here is the schedule for your calendar

Facebook Lives: 

  • November 25 @ 9 AM

  • November 26 @ 1 PM

  • November 27 @ 9 AM

  • November 28 @ 1 PM

  • November 29 @ 9 AM

Can't make these times, register anyways, we'll email the link to the Facebook videos and links to the materials, so you can watch at your leisure. 

Ready to SOAR to Success in 2020?

Join our 5-day online challenge.

Is the volume of work overwhelming you?  

Are you constantly working in the business, not on the business?  

Are you so wrapped up in getting the job done, that you don't have time to look at the big picture?

Juggling the competing priorities of operations and strategies can be difficult in any small business.  I get it. I live it every day.  


Luckily for me, I made a decision early in my entrepreneurial journey:  my business wouldn’t run my life; my life would run my business.


Living comes first!


Knowing how easy it is to slide from strategic decision making to operational decision-making (which is the first step to becoming overwhelmed), I set out to find a planning method that was easy to use, simple, positive, and that would inspire me to stretch my comfort zone and reach for my big dreams.  


Whatever planning method I chose needed to focus my attention on the long-term outcomes I wanted to achieve and guide me towards strategic decision making, while keeping me from focusing exclusively on the daily to-do list.  


After years of trial and error, I found a planning method (the SOAR method*) that worked for me. It helped me to envision the future of my business five years down the road - and to recognize the opportunities that would get me there.  


I am so excited about the SOAR method that I use it with all my corporate and non-profit clients looking to create a clear vision to guide their organization into the future. Clients have appreciated the positive, strengths-based approach that allows them to build on their strengths.


The SOAR strategic planning model is simple, straightforward, flexible, and allows me to take stock of my:

  • Strengths, the 

  • Opportunities that exist, what I am

  • Aspiring to achieve, and how I would measure my 

  • Results.

The 5-Day Challenge walks you through the SOAR process, one step at a time; helping you identify strengths and opportunities that you want to build on, and solidifying the aspirations and results that you are driving to achieve.  


If you want to get out of the quagmire of day-to-day operations and think more strategically about your business, I invite you to invest 30-minutes a day for 5 days and take part in the 5-day SOARing to Success online challenge.  


This challenge will help you free up time, get more focused, and prioritize so that you are saying “YES” to the right opportunities. PLUS, you'll get 5 Facebook Lives (<10 minutes each), downloadable workbooks and tools, and access to a private Facebook Community hosted by HIP that will help get your questions answered.

ALL of this for FREE! Yes, this 5-day challenge is being offered FREE to those in our circle of influence (you, and those you choose to invite) as a thank you for being your amazing self!  


Are you ready to join me in SOARing into 2020 with confidence and focus?

* From the:  Stravos, Jacqueline M. and Hinrichs, Gina.  Thin Book of SOAR: Building Strength-Based Strategy.   Thin Book Publishing Co., Bend, Oregon. 2009. 

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