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Ready for Strategic Planning?

Strategic Planning Checklist

Before you commit to strategic planning, it's always a great idea to think about what you want from your planning process. Are you looking to bring your new board members into the loop about future direction and help them understand? Are you looking to revisit and update your vision, mission and values statements? Does your plan need to be updated and refreshed to reflect current realities?

Getting prepared to lead your agency through a strategic planning process should be, we'll can we say, "strategic?" The reality is that many variables can impact whether your strategic planning process meets the outcomes the Board and the Management team have identified. It is highly recommended to think it through in advance.

This checklist provides the Board and Management team with a framework to explore what it is they need from their strategic planning process, what components of the plan need updating, who should be invited to participate, how involved the planning process should be, and the pros and cons of various type of facilitators. It can be used to help examine precisely where your non-profit should focus its attention during the strategic planning process.

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