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Blowing away the winter blues | Get cozy & explore HIP’s top 5 blogs of 2018

If you are finding yourself cocooned in your house because of the winter wonderland that has descended upon us, now is a great time to explore some of our favourite blog posts from 2018. So cozy up with your tea, a blanket, and your computer and enjoy.

Our Top 5 Blogs of 2018 are definitely worth a read, if you haven’t already, or a second look through if you have!

What if we thought it terms of abundance … that everything our organization needs is out there. What might we uncover? It’s a simple mind shift that doesn’t cost anything. Are you and your team up for the challenge? What actions will you and your organization take to adopt an abundance mindset and action oriented perspective?

Here are five tips (and some potential questions) to help you shift your conversations and deepen your relationships.

I send out a wish to the universe that each of you can carve out time to “dig deep” and truly connect with yourself, to balance what’s in your heart with what is in your mind, and to create a life that empowers you to be #wildlysuccessful on your own terms.

What aspects of making choices and managing expectations in your daily life are the hardest to navigate for you? Why do you think this is the case?

The reality is that not all conversations go the way we want them to. Some plug along in neutral, wishy-washy by their very nature. Others we know going in are going to be tense, as the conversation topic is fraught with misunderstanding or the level of trust between participants is low. And still others take an unexpected turn and we lose control of where the conversation is going and the intent of connecting.

After you’ve checked out these blog posts, let us know what resonated with you. I’d love to learn more about what is important to you, and the questions that arise in your brain that others may be pondering as well. Join the online conversation at and share your questions, thoughts, and what inspires you.

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