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Happy Birthday, Canada!

Proud to be Canadian

Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday today.

I’m proud to be a Canadian.

I’m proud of our nation and what we value: equality, inclusion, diversity, acceptance, and love. I’m proud of the fact that as Ca

nadians we are a humble people. And yet, we are strongly united across the nation in our love of what we represent and who we are.

Personally, I felt this strongly in 2010 at the Winter Olympics: our Canadian pride was evident on the streets of Vancouver that teemed with red and white maple leafs.

I am also proud of how our nation was born. The story of Confederation is one of collaboration—of very culturally different, geographically unique communities coming together across great distances to create a country that stands strong 150 years after its birth. Our political structure requires that we continue to talk with each other, to collaborate to achieved shared outcomes … and that we stand strong in our vision for what Canada represents in a global environment that at times is very turbulent.

As a proud Canadian, I invite you to celebrate today as well—to share your love of Canada and what it represents—in the comments below. I can’t wait to learn more about you and what you value most about being Canadian.

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