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The view from here

The view from here.

As I write this I am sitting in White Rock on a nice spring day (considering the weather we’ve had) enjoying some fresh air.

It’s been a long winter of rain, snow, and being cooped up in my basement office. It’s nice to get some new scenery … to change the view that I gaze at as I work at my computer. From here, I glance at the boardwalk and the seaside walk. The song “Jump” by Van Halen is blasting from a nearby restaurant. Couples and groups are walking by talking and giggling—enjoying the first ice cream of the season. And I’m sitting here, absorbing it all. So refreshing!

While I do this regularly—visit the beach with my computer—I’m feeling like it’s especially important right now.

The last six weeks have been a time of transition for me: of shifting from having a part-time ongoing contract that took up about 50% of my time to being totally on my own without any time/place obligations.

I’ve been preparing for the transition for four months: planning for networking events; creating referral letters and systems; systemizing my sales process; “upping” my social media presence; and putting plans in place for online content and engagement. It’s been a whirlwind of getting ready to shift gears and adapt my business to its new model.

Now six weeks after the official transition, I’m feeling like I’m making headway, although I’m not as far along as I’d hoped. Things are taking longer than I anticipated. In March my goal was to get out and network; however, it wasn’t until last week that I officially carved off some time to book my networking events.

Today I found myself with two networking events planned for the day: a luncheon meeting in Abbotsford and a dinner meeting in Surrey.

This brings me to my temporary office with 4 hours to get some work done and a beautiful beach calling my name. The sun is shining. The wind is blowing (and my loose papers are flying so I’m getting some unexpected exercise chasing them! ;-)). There are lots of people walking the boardwalk with smiles on their faces. Plus, I’m enjoying the views that people from all around the world come to see, while still getting my work done. One more blog post to send off to my editor…

Given that my theme this month revolves around weaving some fun into my business routine, I think shifting my office to the beach meets this criterion.

When was the last time you changed up the view on the other side of your computer monitor?

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