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6 surprising ways in which a Mastermind will help you

Ongoing mastermind groups are an investment in business growth. However, many entrepreneurs hesitate to make this investment. Why? Some think of the process as something that they can do on their own with a friend or two.

As someone who is part of, and who facilitates, ongoing mastermind groups, I can assure you that a mastermind is so much more than a simple conversation or an accountability group—although those are parts of it.

Here are 6 surprising outcomes from being involved in an ongoing mastermind group that can have significant impact on business and personal growth.

  1. You’ll get a true collaborative opportunity. These are rare. However, when you are part of a mastermind group collaborative opportunities are more frequent and often more successful. Why? Because successful collaboration happens when you work closely to co-create something with someone you trust. This leads to innovative projects that can really build your brand.

  2. You’ll encounter opportunities to partner on projects. As members of a mastermind we want to see each other succeed. Just as we look for opportunities to collaborate on projects, we also look for opportunities to utilize one another’s services. When you need something, you are going to turn you your mastermind colleagues first for services—because you trust them unconditionally.

  3. You’ll get great referrals. Building on the trust that we’ve developed in the mastermind groups and the desire to see each other succeed, mastermind colleagues are also a great source of referrals. Every two weeks when the mastermind meets, we invest in one another’s success. The best way to help each other succeed is to connect one another with opportunities that will help us grow our businesses.

  4. You’ll get out of your own head. One of the biggest struggles women entrepreneurs face is isolation: working alone to navigate business challenges that crop up. Without a team of individuals in our corner helping us identify and move beyond our bad business habits (such as not following through) or negative thought patterns (“I’m not good enough!”) we can get stuck on the same track. Your mastermind colleagues will let you know when recurring patterns arise, help you figure out why, and then help you come up with a plan to re-adjust your thinking for more positive results.

  5. You’ll build meaningful relationships. The women in your mastermind group have seen you cry, laughed with you when you’ve felt like crying, and seen you struggle through big challenges. Fellow mastermind participants can be found standing in your corner lifting you up when you feel you can’t do it for yourself. These relationships are built on trust and are deep, rich, and resilient. They are invaluable and these women will walk through fire alongside you.

  6. You’ll grow your tribe. Your tribe is the group of people who have your back no matter what. They are your loudest and most consistent cheerleaders; they are dedicated to asking you the hard questions that no one else wants to ask; and they call you out for all your bullshit, particularly when you don’t want to face it. They support you, challenge you, and cheer you on! Could anything be better?

Interested in experiencing the benefits of mastermind group for yourself? Join me for a 3-session online mastermind sampler (with a 6-hour commitment) to experience the benefits yourself. Check out HIPs' Mastermind options here.

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