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Steering your course: Why 1°matters.

Have you ever set a goal and got exactly what you wanted? Have you ever set a goal and didn’t get what you wanted at all? Do you want to know what makes that difference? When you know what that difference is, you can begin to create the life you want. Part of it has to do with your imagination.

Imagine, a plane taking off from Vancouver going to Honolulu. Now imagine that plane is 1° off course upon take off. 1° off course equals about 1 mile. If our pilot didn't course correct, we would end up landing somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Being 1° off course makes that big of an impact.

Now, imagine what happens when you have doubts about a goal you want to achieve, and each doubt you have will set you off course from your goal by 1°. Where will you land? Who knows but it won’t be on target.

So how can we clean up your doubts so that you can land on target each and every time? I use a process of active imagination with my clients, and part of this process involves very detailed visualizations. Your unconscious mind, doesn’t know the difference between imaginary or reality. When you use active imagination to visualize what you want, it becomes a powerful suggestion to your unconscious mind to create that reality.

Think of a goal you would really like to achieve. Then, get into a relaxed state. You can do this but sitting or lying in a comfortable position and taking a few deep, long breaths.

Now the fun begins. Imagine you are at the exact moment when you know you have completed your goal. What do you see in that moment? Make it as vivid as you can. Notice, is anyone with you? Where are you? What are you doing? Notice your clothes. Make this picture as detailed as possible. Bring your awareness to any sounds that are present. What can you hear? Are the sounds loud or soft? Where are they coming from? And notice how you feel in this moment. What emotions are you feeling? Where do you feel them in your body? What is the intensity of the emotions?

Then, step out of the picture, so that you are watching yourself in the picture. This part is key. Your unconscious mind must see you in the picture to know that it hasn’t happened already. This is how the visualization becomes a direction to your unconscious mind.

The more often you can do this process, the better. Make a game out of seeing how vivid and detailed you can make the picture. This is also a great way to unlock your imagination. If at first, you don’t see anything, don’t worry. By practicing it everyday, you will begin to strengthen your imagination.


~ Teri Holland helps entrepreneurs to move from where they are to where they want to be and make more money is a short period of time. Teri is a Certified Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Time Line Therapy® and a Master High Performance Coach.


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