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Peer Power Think Tank:  Event Spotlight

The Peer Power Think Tank was born out of a desire to get women business owners talking, to break down silos, to share ideas, and to inspire each other. I had known that the Think Tank idea was grounded in solid theory, but I hadn’t seen my vision in action; until April 9, 2016, when my first ever Peer Power Think Tank was launched.

The group started the day as strangers, unsure of how to interact, quietly sitting in their own spaces, thinking their own thoughts. By the end of the day, it was a positive lively hullabaloo of energy, conversation, hugs and hi-fives! They’d come together: reaching out to each other to share their most vulnerable moments and thoughts, providing encouragement and support, poking at each other to say “Get out of your own way! You’ve got this!”

Having been a facilitator for over 20 years, I was aware of the power of conversation and shared brainstorming. I’d seen the process in operation and facilitated it many times… and it had always been a powerful process. However, I’d never facilitated any brainstorming process with a group of women leaders – each driven to achieve her best in her own way. The women themselves were powerful – and somewhat intimidating! ☺

As everyone relaxed into the day, and trust was established – whatever we shared was safe, would be held lovingly and with respect – the conversations changed. Women in the room began to share deeper concerns, asked harder questions to dig into what was really holding each participant back, told and shared ideas that seemed “out-there”.

Ideas, angles, and connections were explored freely and were used to leap frog from one perspective to another – allowing each participant to have their ideas fully examined, questioned, and re-positioned for improved success. As the discussion flowed and each woman presented her idea for feedback, the sense of we are in this together grew and connections were made. The weave of our shared fabric grew stronger and we recognized our similarities and celebrated our differences.

Our wrap up conversation focused on next steps. What three actions was each individual going to do, to move themselves and their idea forward? How were they going to stretch themselves? What had they learned about themselves that they would take away and ponder? Accountability partners were identified and celebrated, the commitment we had for supporting each other was reinforced. Each woman committed to stretching and pushing herself forward in ways that she may not have considered in the past.

The brainstorming process was only a small piece of what made this day so amazing.

Equally important, were the action steps AND the accountability partnerships that arose; women supporting women to help achieve their goals.

What truly impacted me was the inspirational stories that were shared and the motivation that arose out of the process – which combined to create a sense of “The world is my oyster… and I know how to tackle it now!” That was worth celebrating and is now worth re-creating!

As I envision my upcoming Peer Power Think Tank on Saturday, October 29th, I’m looking forward to re-creating this same sense of belonging, we are in this together, by supporting each other we WILL achieve our goals and dreams. This will be accomplished by the stimulating ideas, the inspirational conversations, and the motivation that arises from the thought-provoking conversations gained throughout the day. I’m excited to grow connections, community, and helping women expand their ideas, set plans in place, and link up with accountability partners who will hold each other to making things happen.

I invite you to join me for one of these powerful, inspiring, and stimulating conversation with other women entrepreneurs. To get your tickets for our next event visit the HIP website. Get your ticket’s early as you won’t want to miss it!

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