Celebrating Partners: Lily Laverton, The Get ‘R Done Guru!

You know how sometimes you just “click’ with a person. It’s like you’ve found someone who thinks like you, but challenges you all the same? Someone who you know will ask you the hard questions that no-one else is willing to broach, because they know that’s what you need? That’s what Lily Laverton is for me… she’s the get ‘r done guru here at HIP Strategic Consulting.

She’s my administrative assistant, my marketing assistant, my researcher, my … the list could go on. Basically Lily looks after all the bits and pieces that I don’t want to do … or that I don’t have the patience or skill to do (thinking filing!). She also brings amazing insight to our planning discussions that help me see things from various perspectives, and that is worth it’s weight in gold!

She’s so much more than an administrative assistant or marketing assistant… she’s also the person who holds me accountable to my vision and my goals. She sends me inspirational messages and upcoming events that she thinks it would be great for me to speak at or get involved in. She pushes me to stretch well outside my comfort zone on a regular basis.

Our meetings are speckled with “we need to do this…” from me … and a “yes, I get that. Angie how is that goal you are working towards going? What have you done to move that piece forward?“ from Lily. There is no getting around her… she gather’s data into her mental safe and keeps it there – until she needs to retrieve it and remind me about an action I was going to take or a goal I’d set for myself. She definitely holds me accountable!

So for those of you who haven’t yet met Lily, and experienced the zest for life that she brings to those around her – you are in for a treat! Right now she’s working in the background helping me set up systems and processes; but that’s going to change as I grow my business. Her expertise spans accounting, human resources, administration, volunteer management, public speaking, and of course leadership. Not to mention she’s an all-around fantastic person and mother!

Like many of the women around me, she’s still sorting out what she wants to be when she grows up (aren’t we all?)… but while she figures that out, I’m excited to have her on my team helping me push forward towards my goals, and in turn helping her fine-tune her skills and connect with those who can help her achieve her dreams! Love ya, Lily!

Want to experience the zest that Lily brings to life and work, connect with her at Lily@hipstrategic.com… and loop me in, so that I can get my daily dose too!

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