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Avoiding the podcast rabbit hole.

I’d started this blog post with the intent of finding 5 podcasts that I could recommend to you. What I determined after listening to a wide variety of different hosts, conversations, and topics, was that choosing my top 5 podcasts – while it might help you get to know me and my preferences – wasn’t going to be of great value to you as it’s all so personal. And on top of that, there are tons of great articles already available online that showcase great podcasts. Why create the wheel?

So instead, I’d like to help you better define what you want to listen to so that when you search for a podcast you don’t end up going down the rabbit-hole like I did!

Before you starting exploring, ask yourself:

  • Who do I want to listen to today? If you have a favorite author, speaker, or business leader it’s worth searching to see if they have a podcast.

  • What topic do I want to explore? Is my focus today on marketing, IT, HR…

  • What am I looking for specifically? Am I looking to get more newsletter sign ups, improve my sales process, build stronger relationships…

  • How much time to do I have dedicate to listening to a podcast? Most podcasts are 30 – 60 minutes, although I did find some shorter ones.

These online tools will help you further define your requirements:

  • Search Engines: enter your specific requirements and see what pops up. Check out the lists of recommended podcasts as well. Or use a specific podcast search engine such as Podscope, All Podcasts or Learn Out Loud to narrow down your options.

  • Podcast Directories: There are also directories of podcasts (such as Podbean, NPR (as I write this I’m listening to a Jazz music podcast station – very relaxing) or iTunes) that help you select podcasts based on narrowing the interests through specific interests (social media, sales, marketing, personal growth, etc.).

I hope that these tools help you refine and find the podcast that you want to listen to and help you do it in a timely fashion so that you can maximize you’re your learning. Enjoy!

As an aside, here are several of the resources I found in my search for the right podcast… see what I mean about the rabbit hole? Jazz music wasn’t part of my search, but I’m enjoying it all the same.

Do you have a favorite tool, search engine, podcast or other audio / video resource that is business related that you’d like to share? If so, add it to the comments below. I’d love to hear about it.

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