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Harness the power of many minds. Peer Power Think Tank

My father who grew up listening to my ongoing chatter, is absolutely floored that I've found a way to make my living by hosting and facilitating conversations!

He comes from a blue collar world where the results of the work he does are very tangible: there is a hole for a house foundation where there was previously simply a grass field (BTW - he's a retired self-employed excavator operator).

The work that I do hosting conversation is exactly the opposite, there are no tangible results... no hole to file, no house to build.

It's way easier to measure and evaluate the success of digging a hole, than it is to evaluating how effective a conversation truly is in moving an entrepreneur forward. However, I love what I do. And I know that those who participate in my conversation groups see AMAZING results.

As my next Peer Power Think Tank is quickly approaching I've been focusing my marketing attention on how to best "sell" the intangible and often long-term outcomes of the work I do with groups. I've come to the conclusion that this varies by the program (ie. Peer Power Think Tank versus Collective Wisdom Evening Retreat) based on what I'm setting out to do.

Here's my top 7 benefits to being part of the Peer Power Think Tank:

  • Harness the power of the minds in the room;

  • Explore your idea from various perspectives and gain new insight;

  • Learn new techniques that you can add to your entrepreneurial toolbox;

  • Experience the power of many minds working together on your “ask” and build on that positive energy;

  • Connect with powerful, wise, and experienced women entrepreneurs;

  • Create an list of actions that will move your forward and be accountable to each other; AND,

  • Share your wisdom to help other women entrepreneurs nurture their own ideas.

What benefits have you realized from being part of a Mastermind Group, a peer discussion group, or a social group that have helped you to move yourself forward either personally or professionally? I'd love to know.

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