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Mis-adventures: when plan A goes sideways.

Admittedly, I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to delivering my programs in a particular way. I like to plan things out and then have them go exactly the way that I envision them… unfortunately life just isn’t that kind!

In the past, I’ve responded in a number of ways to things that go sideways… I’ve gotten stressed, cried (that is how I manage stress), and then worked through it; I’ve hired people to manage just these mis-adventures for me so that I don’t have to deal with the stress; and I’ve over planned and invested too much time in making sure things are just perfect.

I’m proud to say that this morning, I responded in a very different way to a mis-adventure… one that in the past would have thrown me off my stride and put a crimp in my day.

I arrived at my usual coffee shop where I host my Mastermind group every second week just before 9 AM. As I looked at the room bookings, I noticed that someone else was booked in during my “usual” time. After checking in my favorite (and ever helpful) Barista’s, I realized that while I thought I’d booked the room back in January for all of the dates I needed in 2016, I had failed to do so.

So there I was 10 minutes before my 2-hour session was supposed to start … pondering just how I was going to create a “safe and comfortable space” for my Mastermind participants to share their challenges and their successes.

A big part of why my Mastermind Group works so well is that the room provides us with that “safety zone” where no one can overhear our conversations, learn about our very humanness and our vulnerabilities. And I KNEW that space in the coffee shop wasn’t an option. It was too public!

Today though, I took a deep breath, looked around the coffee shop at the sun shining outside and CLAIMED an outside table. It worked great. Everyone was comfortable sharing, expressing their emotions, and supporting each other. I don’t think that I’d choose to do this for every session, but today it worked!

And now, I have 2 weeks to figure out where I will host my sessions for April! From May through to December is now booked (in pen) every second week – just so I can assure myself and my Mastermind participants that our “comfort zone” is in place.

So what did I learn?

1) That my Mastermind participants are accommodating and that they don’t expect me to be PERFECT! J Thank you Ladies!

2) That I really should ask my Absolutely Fabulous Administrator to check on things like this so that this doesn’t happen again.

3) That sometimes the back up plan is as simple as a meeting in sunny location where we can talk freely… maybe even a park in the summer. Flexibility is a good thing.

How do you manage to shift gears when Plan A doesn’t work and you need to adapt on the spot?

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