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On the verge of success...

Updated: Jan 27

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Do you ever feel like you are at the tipping point of achieving success? of realizing the goals you’ve been working so hard to get to? You are just about where you want to be, but success is just out of reach? If only you could stretch that extra inch or two, it would be yours!

If you are an entrepreneur you are likely familiar with this feeling as you work towards growing your business. And at times, it can be downright frustrating... know that you are close to achieving what you set out to do, but not quite sure what you need to do to push yourself over the edge.

I know I've been there. And every time I go to grow my business, I re-visit that place of "I'm almost there but not quite...." and I have to remind myself that patience and persistence are two of the most important virtues an entrepreneur can have.

To keep myself focused and positive, I use a couple of techniques:

  • I review where I've been and what I've accomplished in the past year (or two depending on the length of your growth cycle);

  • I evaluate what's working and what's not and fine-tune what I'm doing accordingly (provided I've been doing it long enough to assess it's effectiveness... that's important to evaluate too);

  • I shift my perspective and reflect on the number of new clients, partners, and referral sources, that I've cultivated that will support my business over the long term;

  • I surround myself with people who are on a similar journey who can lift me up, remind me of where I started and where I am, and who are happy to help me brainstorm what might push me over the edge;

  • Sometimes, I even step away from my business for a day or two (I know sacrilege! :-)) to clear my brain, relax and rejuvenate. I always come back refreshed and re-energized and ready to tackle that next step in the journey.

What do you do, when you feel on the verge of success, but it's just out of your reach? I'd love to hear how you work through this common entrepreneurial obstacle course.

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