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Frequently Asked Questions

HIP Strategic Accountability Ally program

Peer Power Think Tank

What is a Peer Power Think Tank?

A think tank is a shared process of co-creation that helps participants look at an idea from a variety of angles, perspectives, and experiential lenses.  It brings a group of people - often from very different walks-of-life- together to explore and examine how an idea can be shaped and what problems might be encountered.  Co-creation allows the group to deep dive into an idea and find the most useful "nuggets" in a short period of time.  

How will the “Think Tank” be structured?


The day will comprise of a blend of large and small group activities; however the majority of time will be spent in 2 small 4-person co-creation groups (participants will differ in each go around).  

Each group of 4 will have 1.75 hour to listen to and brainstorm each other’s ideas (5 minutes to present idea / ask and 20 minutes to co-create; then next person, and so on).  This will be done 4 times within each group; once for each participant.

Throughout the day their will be opportunities for networking and one on one discussion / feedback on your idea as well during breaks, group feedback sessions, and wrap up activities.


I’m scared to present my idea to the group.  What if they aren’t supportive? 


Group guidelines, confidentiality agreements, and co-creation best practices will be established and agreed upon before we dig into the actual work of the day.  These establish "rules" around how we the conversation can frame your positive comments and ask questions those critical questions that probe into ideas and build a stronger foundation for growth.

Still have questions?


Contact the Lead Facilitator, Angie McLeod at or call 604 476 2447. 


Looking forward to co-creating with you!

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