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HIP Strategic Peer Power Think Tank program
Peer Power Think Tank


If you are a woman solo-entrepreneur who wants to take her ideas to the next level, then you’ll want to experience the power of the Peer Power Think Tank process. 

It’s a conversation designed to help entrepreneurs access the collective wisdom of fellow businesswomen.  To ‘pick the brains’ (for lack of a better term) of successful entrepreneurs – like yourself - for the sole purpose of helping each other fine-tune something that they’ve been struggling with in their business. 

When we put our brains together – to share expertise, knowledge, experience, and perspectives – innovative ideas are unearthed that drive results. 

Science has proven that when we work together to access the “collective intelligence” of a group, that the:

  • outcomes are more positive for those involved in the conversation,

  • connections that arise through the conversational process bond participants more fully, and

  • ideas that arise from the process of co-creating are more fully explored and vetted than ideas that we come with on our own.


The Peer Power conversation framework brings together women from a wide-range of sectors, each with a unique personal and professional journey.  Their purpose: to seek outside perspectives to help them grow their business and to help others do the same.


The end result of a Peer Power Think Tank process:

  • constructive observations and feedback to help you better define your idea / concept going forward;

  • well rounded idea / concept that's been run by fellow women entrepreneurs from a multitude of angles;

  • supportive and engaged women entrepreneurs who are invested in helping you achieve your objective; and,

  • a new-found energy from being in the room with women who are driven to get the job done!


Rather than struggling to find the answers on your own (yet again), it’s time to access the collective intelligence, experience, and wisdom of fellow women entrepreneurs and to use the synergy that arises to drive you and your business forward.


IF you are ready to …

  • explore and fine-tune your ideas so that they resonate more fully with your customers;

  • connect more genuinely with other women entrepreneurs by co-creating solutions;

  • get inspired by the passion of other women entrepreneurs;

…then you’ll want to find register for our next Peer Power Think Tank.

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