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HIP Strategic Mastermind Group series

HIP Mastermind Groups


Connect with peers. Catapult your business and move towards success faster.


As women entrepreneurs, we can sometimes feel like we are operating our business in a vacuum, with no one to support us, to run ideas by, or ask questions of. This feeling of isolation can stall our motivation, stop us in our tracks, or lead us astray.


HIP Mastermind Groups help female entrepreneurs overcome this sense of isolation and focus on their goals by providing a peer-based board of advisors. 


HIP Mastermind participants set short- and long-term business goals. Group members then hold each other accountable for moving forward toward these goals by establishing simple action steps. When unexpected challenges are encountered or things do not go according to the plan, members support each other in making the necessary adjustments, exploring different options, asking tough questions, and offering support and encouragement.


Facilitated Mastermind Group conversations help participants:


  • Increase business effectiveness

  • Become more accountable

  • Focus on desired goals and actions

  • Grow business strategically & with heart.


These are just the commonly measured Return on Investments (ROIs). 


Equally important returns include strong, respectful, and resilient peer-based relationships that grow out of sharing challenges and obstacles, working collaboratively to help solve problems and shift perspectives, and celebrating one others' successes! 


The final, and possibly most important outcome: a personal sense of renewed intention or focus on business growth that helps you overcome what appeared to be insurmountable obstacles with the support and encouragement of your new Mastermind peer mentors.


HIP's facilitated Mastermind Groups use the power of women helping women to move members forward towards their goals. Connect with us to learn about our next Mastermind Group and whether it's a fit for you!


Questions?  Ready to apply?  Contact Angie to start your peer-powered journey and catapult yourself to success!

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