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Spark some FUN!
Ideas for weaving fun into your routine.

Ready to add some fun to your team meetings?

In a challenging, high-pressure, and often mentally exhausting world, looking after yourself as a professional or after your team is essential.  And as professionals, too often, we advise others to invest in self-care and keep pushing ourselves.  Never actually taking our own advice - like we are immune to burnout, illness, mental health concerns, or simply doing too much.

Forcing yourself to take a brain or body break during your day is necessary.  After all, you can't help others if you aren't healthy and happy yourself. We know that taking the time for yourself between your daily workload at the office and the pressures of looking after everyone at home - you are a caregiver at heart!  Giving, giving, giving is a recipe for disaster.

Use this worksheet to identify opportunities for you and your team to spark some fun in your daily routine.  Put on some music and dance in the lobby.  Gather everyone for some personal or professional journaling for an hour.  Set up a quiet spot in your office where staff can go to decompress and meditate without being disturbed - and encourage them to use it daily.  Invest in a laughter workshop.  Do something just for the fun of it... my personal favourite is to jump in puddles on a rainy day!


Here are some ideas and techniques to help you integrate a little more fun into your (or your team's) daily routine.

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