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HIP Strategic Let's Talk: An Online Conversation

Let's Talk Online Conversation


Share Ideas.  Inspire Change.


Join Angie McLeod on the 2nd Wednesday of every month to examine and explore various business concepts that we can use to strengthen and adapt how we approach our day-to-day work as women entrepreneurs. With a blend of questions, self-reflection, and shared conversation, participants explore how the monthly theme impacts their daily lives, discover how others interact with the theme, define one change they will make, and set up a simple accountability plan.


Come prepared to participate in the conversation, to share your own ideas and experiences, and to hear those of the other participants. The more minds we engage, the better ideas and outcomes. Every participant has a gold nugget of information or insight to contribute—we look forward to hearing yours! 


Invite your friends and colleagues to this insightful COMPLIMENTARY conversation. We welcome great company!


The synergy and ideas that arise from a HIP hosted conversation are well worth the hour of time you will invest! Check out what our clients say about the conversations HIP hosts here


Only 10 seats are available, so get your ticket early to ensure you can join us! 

Check out what's coming up in terms of our online conversations on our Events page.

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