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The Nitty-Gritty Details:


We know it's all the details:

  • 6 - 2 hour meetings on Monday mornings to Jumpstart your week and year.

  • Starting January 20 and running to March 30, 2020 every second Monday @ 9 AM

  • Maximum Group Size: 6

  • Online Platform: Zoom

(link to be provided when registered)

This is a participation-based program and attendance to all meetings is highly recommended to get the most out of the process.


Should you not be able to attend, sessions will be recorded to be viewed by MEMBERS ONLY.

Oh, and one more important detail:


Cost for 6-Sessions is:

Early Bird Rate (prior to Dec. 23th, 2019):


That's $66.50 for each 2-hour session.

You can't beat that!  

Regular Rate: (after Dec. 23, 2019)


That's $78.13 for each 2-hour session.

That's still a great investment!

  • Monthly payment plans are available upon request.  Give us a call to arrange.  

Ready to Jumpstart 2020?

Join our 6-session online mastermind group.


2020 offers a new opportunity to upscale your business, to achieve the goals and outcomes you’ve set for yourself, to really rise to the challenge of growing your business strategically. 


However, you might be feeling fretful as your success ratio for achieving the goals you set for yourself and your business has been depressing in the past. In fact, like many of us, your New Year’s resolutions go out the window in 5-days and your plans for your business get lost in the shuffle of day-to-day operational demands.  


It’s time to change that!  It’s time to change your approach to goal setting for your business (and if you like, your New Year’s Resolutions) and put systems and processes in place that help you succeed: goal setting, action planning, evaluate performance, and accountability practices.


I know that sounds boring.  I get it.  


Maybe you’ve tried goal setting and action planning before without success. Maybe you’ve tried to set evaluation criteria in place and found you didn’t have the time to actually follow through regularly to measure progress.  Or, maybe you joined an accountability group and found that it fell off just as soon as it got started.  The thing is that all four need to be in place for you to really achieve success.   


Here are some stats to drive this message further.  Did you know that:

  • When that bright idea hits you and you decide to go ahead and pursue it you have a 25% probability of achieving it?

  • When you take the time and plan out how you will achieve it, you increase your probability of achieving it to 50%?  

  • When you tell someone you are doing it and you set up accountability meetings, your probability rises to 95%?


Napolean Hill, author of Think and Grow Rick, a classic novel about business success, notes that the most successful people in business (okay, in his time, it was men in business!) surrounded themselves with people with diverse ideas, who asked questions, who pushed their boundaries, and who held them accountable to doing what they said they would do.  


Who doesn’t want a 95% chance of achieving their goals?  I think we all do, but where do we find these people?  How do we develop the plans that we need to follow?  How do we create accountability systems that ensure we driving our business (and ourselves) forward to our dreams?


If you are interested in actually moving the needle in your business and achieving your 2020 goals, join the HIP team for a 6-week online mastermind where we:


  • Set clear and achievable goals and objectives for 2020 and define our priorities, so that we focus on what will move us forward fastest;

  • Break down our goals and define our approach, action steps, and timelines;

  • Establish simple evaluation criteria and systems to measure progress towards goals;

  • Pull all these details together into an annual work plan to guide our decision making and workflow that can flex and be modified if circumstances change;

  • Connect with peer accountability partners who hold you accountable, ask the hard questions, and pinpoint patterns, avoidance techniques or procrastination and give you a nudge to get you restarted.


This online mastermind is the opportunity you’ve been looking for to pull all the pieces together without making a big financial investment in coaching or accountability programming.  


Designed to get you started, this program helps you build the foundation for 2020 and introduces you to best practices in goal setting, action planning, evaluating results, and accountability programming.  


Ready for different, more positive results, in 2020?  Register for this exciting program.

Are you ready to join HIP to Jumpstart 2020 with confidence and focus?

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