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Tool Kit for Non Profit Leaders

Case Study: ShEvalesco
Strategic and Innovative Financial Model

Anything is possible when you enter the sector as a non-profit newbie, unfettered by the preconceptions held by experienced leaders. Such is the case with ShEvalesco and its new Executive Director, Alison. She believed she could create a sustainable non-profit with limited government funding. This case study shows how ShEvalesco approached grant writing, corporate sponsorships, social enterprise, and subsidies to build an innovative funding model with a limited reliance on government funds.

Download your free case study.  It's sure to get you and your team thinking.
Not sure how to use the case study?
Consider these ideas:
  • Read the case study with your team and choose three reflective questions to discuss.  Debrief by asking: How can we apply this in our day-to-day work?

  • Take the ideas from the case study and start a conversation with your Board. How can your organization get more creative about its funding pools? What needs to change for this to happen? 

  • Use the case study to think broadly about your current revenue streams.  Which are consistent and easy to manage? Which are challenging and cause more effort than they are worth? What would happen if you kept the valuable financial streams and let the less valuable go?  Where might you find alternative, easier sources of funds with the "found" time? 

  • Consider the case study from a sustainability perspective.  What did this non-profit do to minimize the risk of starting a social enterprise?  How have they built upon existing assets to create a new revenue stream? What might you do differently if you were to apply this perspective to your organization? 

  • Ask your team what ideas the case study inspires? Explore ideas, and choose one to follow through on if there is interest.


A new non-profit and non-profit leader challenges the funding model and finds creative ways to build sustainability


Starting with clear strategic goals around organizational sustainability led to an innovative mix of funding.


With the eyes of a new non-profit leader creativity and innovation led to what is commonly thought to be impossible, to be possible.


Reflective questions to maximize learning and apply to your own initiatives to increase engagement and success.

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