HIP Knowledge Exchange:


Who should attend the Knowledge Exchange?

Established women entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses with the help of their peers.


What guides the conversation at the HIP Knowledge Exchange?

While pre-determined themes will be in place (see calendar at bottom of page); the unique needs of those who attend will govern the ultimate flow of the conversation.  


Participants are free to propose an idea and if the group can reach concensus on the new theme, then that is the direction the conversation will flow.  If the group does not agree to the topic it will be added to the calendar for discussion at a future Knowledge Exchange if there is sufficient interest.


What structure is in place to ensure I get what I need from the HIP Knowledge Exchange?

The HIP Knowledge Exchange is a facilitated conversation that revolves around a specific topic.  At the beginning of each session a few minutes will be taken to drill down to the specific elements of the selected theme to further refine the direction of the conversation.  In addition, participants must verbally agree to hold all information discussed confidential as per the confidentiality agreement and group guidelines.


To ensure that all participants achieve their goals for attending, Angie McLeod will facilitate the conversation and ensure that the conversation remains on topic and that individual member needs are met.  As the Facilitator, Angie McLeod will manage the conversation flow, ask pointed questions, and ensure that everyone's ideas are heard.


What is the benefit?

Entrepreneurs by their very nature are natural knowledge sponges and risk takers - they thrive on the experience of learning something new.  Women, by their very nature, are all about sharing and supporting each other to achieve their goals.  The Knowledge Exchange, takes women entrepreneurs and creates an environment where women have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with other women entrepreneurs as a means of learning from each other and using what they learn to move their own business forward.   


What is the cost of attending an Knowledge Exchange session?

At this time there is no cost to attending the knowledge exchanges.  It's our gift to our potential clients.  Each two hour session is a great opportunity to connect with other women entrepreneurs,  learn some new skills, and gain some insight into how HIP Strategic Consulting works.  For those of you considering joining a Mastermind Group, this is a great way to begin to understand the power of the Mastermind Group. 


How often will idea exchange sessions be held?

Friday mornings between 9:30 am - 11:30 AM Angie McLeod will host the knowledge exchange on a Friday morning at Waves Coffee House, 12099 Harris Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC (see google map here: http://ow.ly/LFm0S).  


Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants at each of these sessions?

Yes.  The minimum number is one.  The maximum number of participants is five due to room size, ability to sharing ideas, ease of facilitation.


What if only one person shows up?

Then that individual has the opportunity bounce ideas off Angie - as a personal sounding board - without the full fee of a one-on-one consulting session (limited to 1 such session per client).


What is the difference between the HIP Knowledge Exchange sessions and a HIP Mastermind Groups?

The HIP Mastermind Group are comprised of a consistent group of women who are invested in helping each other succeed by sharing in-depth knowledge and personal insights.  There is a long-term commitment by members to help each other and to hold all information confidential.  Networking and referrals are a natural by-product of the conversations held at these meetings.  Accountability is a key outcome of these conversations and movement towards intended goals is a natural outcome.


The membership at an idea exchange will vary by week and the depth of the conversations will be more surface, as key / core business discussions may or may not be discussed in this informal situation. The key outcome of the knowledge exchange is the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and experience to help others out.  While confidentiality is a requirement of participation, the short-term nature of these discussions and drop in structure does not lend itself to the same level of “investment” by members as a MMG group does.  Membership at the knowledge exchange will be transitory based on each individuals schedule and desire to participate.   The drop in nature of these sessions, accountability of actions towards goals will not be reinforced. 

What if a group of the women who participate in the Idea Exchange session want to form a closed Facilitated MMG?

Angie McLeod would love to see knowledge exchange participants transitioning into closed HIP Mastermind Group.  As noted above, the outcomes and benefits of the two types of groups are very different.  The Knowledge Exchange is an informal drop-in peer-based knowledge exchange; a Mastermind Group is that and so much more.  Facilitated MMG groups have the potential to catapult your business to new heights based on the accountability, intention, and support requirements that members sign on for.  


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