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Dull and Dusty Action Plan:
6 steps to make your plan come alive!

Dull & Dusty Action Plan

Non-profits consistently invest time and money in strategic planning. Setting goals and objectives three to five years out for the organization. Management frequently invests more time and money into breaking those goals and objectives into action steps, metrics, timelines, and assigns responsibility as part of their action planning process.

In an ideal world, the action plan would guide the daily work of the frontline non-profit staff and management team with progress towards the larger strategic goals being communicated to the Board level to track results and outcomes.

As we know, though, the non-profit world isn't ideal. So many variables impact the daily work of dedicated non-profit staff that sometimes the strategic action plan can get dusty on a bookshelf. Unused. Forgotten.

Even if this is the case, it's not too late. A well-thought-out brainstorming process can be a simple and effective way to quickly re-vitalize how you do your annual action planning and recommit to the goals and objectives set out by the board.

Check out this PDF to learn how to bring your planning to life.

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