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Facilitating Conversations: Shaping Ideas & Actions


At HIP, we host and facilitate conversations that help women entrepreneurs define their unique path to success.  Our skilled facilitators create a safe space for dialogue, idea and knowledge sharing, and group participation; great things happen when we put our minds together to co-create.  We ask questions that lead to exploration, discovery and transformation within the framework of the entrepreneur's vision, mission, and values.


At HIP Strategic Consulting we believe that:

  • Every entrepreneur is an expert in their own business.  It's our job to help you explore and discover how you can best build upon your teams' assets, strengths, and opportunities for business growth.

  • Each entrepreneur defines "wildly successful" differently—based on their unique mix of values, beliefs, and desired results. HIP programs help you define what "wildly successful" looks like for you and how you can best honour that vision.

  • Conversations are an under-utilized business tool.  That the conversations we have on a daily basis can be improved - by taking a different approach (curiosity and asking questions) - and that the shifts in how we communicate can transform how we do business and the results we achieve.

  • Innovative and edgy business growth happens when we work with others - either within our internal team or by collaborating with like-minded business people - towards a shared goal.  


As a business person, you may be looking at this and saying how can a facilitator help me drive my small business forward?  Our programs create space to connect with others at a deeper level, to dive into ideas, to set aside time to think strategically about your next steps, and to learn how you can improve the way you communicate with those you converse with.  Our conversation model leads participants from talk > action > accountability, all of which drive results.  


In practical terms a skilled facilitator can help you:

  • Gather ideas and information from your customers, team, and suppliers to help you make better decisions (focus group);

  • Create a space for you to "bounce" business ideas to explore those ideas more fully, see them from a variety of perspectives, and learn from other participants experiences around similar situations (a shared think tank for entrepreneurs); 

  • Become more action oriented and accountable towards your own personal goals with regular peer-based mastermind meetings that will help you grow your business at a faster pace (mastermind)

  • Connect you with other like-minded entrepreneurs who can become part of your community (network & build community


Join us to experience the power of peer discussion and see how a well-facilitated conversation can drive your business forward. You won't be disappointed!


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